Does Your Beer Have What it Takes to Be on Season 3 of Viceland’s Beerland?

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Homebrewers Wanted!

When it comes to brewing beer at home, homebrewers don’t expect much recognition or thanks other than from their friends and family, and their homebrew club, too. Beer made for the sake of brewing is something anyone that owns a carboy is very familiar with, and they tend to like it that way.

That doesn’t mean that most homebrewers wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to have their beer professionally brewed and showcased on national TV, which is where Vice and their show Beerland comes into play. As the Vice team gears up for the third season of the homebrew competition show, they’re coming to Pittsburgh.

That means Golden Road Brewing founder, Meg Gill will be in town filming an episode for the show in March, and they’re looking for homebrewers in our area to feature on the show. If you’re lucky enough to get chosen, you’ll have the opportunity to win $10,000 and have your beer packaged and distributed in Los Angeles. Pretty sweet, right?

The Show

In case you’re not familiar with the Viceland show, the basic idea is pretty simple. Gill travels across the country and meets with homebrewers who showcase their beer and where they drink it. In the process of doing this, local homebrew clubs, styles, and people are showcased alongside the beer, giving the home made beer a true life of its own.

Along the way the show’s host gives some pretty blunt advice on the quality of the beer, how its made, and what it needs to succeed. Far from a typical reality show, Beerland is about the mixing of culture and people with the beer we love.

Your Chance to Make It Big

So the big question is, how the hell do you get involved with this? The show looks for the weird, wild, and diverse side of homebrewing, so if you think that describes you perfectly, then all you have to do is send an email to the show’s casting producer with the following information:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Photo
  • Occupation
  • City, State
  • Years brewing?
  • Why do you brew?
  • What brews might you have ready in March?
  • Any unique ingredients or brew techniques?
  • Where do you DRINK your brew? Unique locations/events/gatherings etc?
  • What makes you YOU? What other hobbies outside of beer, lively activities you do (that you might bring a beer to!)
  • How has homebrewing impacted your life/family/community?

We want you to be featured as much as you do, so make sure to get specific and let the show know why you’re perfect. Give some detail and if you’re lucky, we’ll see you on the next season showing the world how great beer in Pittsburgh can be.

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