Maggie’s Farm releases its first flavored spirit, a fresh pineapple-infused rum

Saturday, August 4, at 11am, Maggie’s Farm will release their first ever flavored spirit – a pineapple-infused rum. Basing from the same production method as their well-known “50/50” dark rum.

Maggie’s “50/50” dark rum method contains blending an aged Trinidadian rum, fermented and column-distilled from molasses, blending it equally with their very own pot-distilled raw cane-based rum, and aged for up to an additional 6-9 months. For the pineapple-infused rum, they took fresh, whole pineapples, macerated pineapple meat in the dark rum portion for two weeks to infuse the juices and flavors. They then blend it equally with their white rum made from distillation with pineapple mean and bark loaded both into their 1000L copper pot still, as well as filling the still’s “gin” basket with pineapple barks for the vapors, to capture additional natural fruit oils. Finally, they combine both distillates, to capture the full essence of the tropical fruit, keeping it 100% natural. This means no added sugars and no artificial ingredients. The result, is a dark rum with a genuine pineapple flavor and subtle sweetness, without ruining the dryness.

The Maggie’s Farm 50/50 Pineapple Rum will go on sale at the distillery and online at (for shipping to PA addresses only) beginning at 11am on Saturday morning, August 4th for a price of $40 per bottle.

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